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Fairwork to release pioneering Code of Good Practice for protection of gig workers under South African law

At the heart of the struggle faced by gig workers globally, is their lack of legal protection. The gig economy has grown rapidly around the world, and regulation has failed to keep up. The overwhelming majority of the world’s gig workers (who perform piece-rate tasks through platforms like Uber, Deliveroo, Helpling, and Upwork) are classified as independent contractors instead of employees. While this classification technically allows workers more flexibility, it also shuts them out of labour protection and social safety nets. When COVID-19 lockdowns hit, most gig workers had no access to sick leave or holiday leave, […]

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International strike movement in Latin America offers new hope for gig economy resistance – new article

In a new article in International Union Rights, Fairwork researchers from Oxford, Brazil, Ecuador and Chile, analyse the recent strike movement organised by app-based food couriers across Latin America.

Covid-19 has further eroded gig workers’ financial and physical security, whilst also demonstrating the essential nature of their work. Because gig workers are not classified as employees, platforms are not held responsible for the dangers they face at work.

Decreasing pay, increased costs and a lack of PPE are among the main issues highlighted by the strikers. The common experience of the pandemic enabled workers in several countries to unite […]

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Read our new paper on Fairwork principles and legal standards in South Africa

The overwhelming majority of the world’s gig workers are classified by platforms as independent contractors. This means they fall outside the kind of social protections that have come to define a standard employment relationship, such as entitlement to holiday, parental and bereavement leave, sick pay, and due process for dismissal. As a consequence, gig workers commonly experience poor conditions, low pay, job insecurity, and a lack of bargaining power.

The five principles of Fairwork set an independent benchmark which gig workers and consumers can use to push for platforms to provide the kinds of rights and protections that other […]

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