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Mathew Cole and Shelly Steward join the Fairwork team

We are very excited to introduce the new Postdoctoral Researchers at Fairwork UK.

Shelly Steward is an economic sociologist and applied scholar who studies the changing nature of work. Her work in research and policy strives to identify the challenges faced by workers and develop solutions that build a more equitable economy. She holds a PhD in sociology from the University of California, Berkeley and an AB with highest honors in sociology from Harvard. She is also affiliated with the Aspen Institute Future of Work Initiative in the US and the University of California’s Washington Center.

Matthew Cole […]

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Meet the Fairwork’s team in Chile working to promote better working conditions for gig workers

In Chile, the rise of gig work has been a slow process led primarily by hail-riding apps like Uber and Cabify. However, in the last two years, delivery apps such as Pedidos Ya, Rappi, and Cornershop (a Chilean-designed app operating in six countries recently acquired by Uber) have increased their operations, especially during the pandemic. The economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis have increased the number of people joining the gig economy. There are now approximately 15.000 active app delivery workers and 200.000 app drivers in the country. Since March, delivery workers have faced additional risks during their […]

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Ecuador joins the Fairwork project

Meet the team applying Fairwork’s rating system to labour platforms in Ecuador

In Ecuador, the COVID-19 emergency has made evident the deepening of social fractures resulting from increased inequality and the deterioration of labour regulation and protection frameworks in recent decades. These fractures are even worse in activities linked to the gig-economy which already lacked regulatory frameworks and labour protection mechanisms before the crisis. With almost the entire population locked up in their homes, platform workers have become part of the so-called “essential workers”, but unlike doctors, police and other officials, they do not have any kind of social, […]

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Decent Work Standards for Gig Workers in Indonesia

Introducing Fairwork’s team in Indonesia who are working to promote better working conditions for gig workers in the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia

We are very excited to announce that Fairwork’s rating system will be implemented in Jakarta, Indonesia by Treviliana Eka Putri, Paska Darmawan, and the team at the Center for Digital Society (CfDS), Universitas Gadjah Mada, following a pilot study undertaken in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in October 2019. The project is funded by Canada’s International Development Research Centre via the Centro Latam Digital and University of Cape Town as part of […]

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Join our Team. We are hiring a Research Officer in South Africa

The Centre for Information Technology and National Development in Africa (CITANDA) at the University of Cape Town is hiring a Research Officer to work for the Fairwork team in South Africa.

This is a fixed-term position, with negotiable remuneration between R600,000-R660,000 per annum, starting as soon as possible until the end of June 2022.

The closing date for applications is 30 September 2020.

About Fairwork 

Fairwork is an action-research project that currently operates in the UK, Germany, South Africa, India, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Egypt, and Bangladesh. We research working conditions in the gig economy, in order to develop ‘fairness […]

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