Cross-posting Policy

We often receive requests to cross-post Fairwork blogs, articles, newsletters, etc. on other websites, occasionally in a different language. 

In general, we would be happy to have our content cross-posted to other sites.

If you want to cross-post any of our content, please seek permission to do so by mailing Once we okay it, please follow these steps: 

Step 1: Starting the post

Please start the body of the post with:

  • This blog/article/etc. was originally published by the Fairwork Foundation. Fairwork is an action-research project that sets and measures decent work standards in the gig economy.

– replacing the first link with a hyperlink back to the original post.

Step 2: Ending the post

Please end the body of the post with:

Note: If you are translating the post into a different language, please translate the text above as well.