Hannah Johnston

Hannah Johnston photo


Hannah Johnston is a consultant on Fairwork’s Cloudwork project. She is a geographer and trade unionist.

She has recently worked with the International Labour Organisation and the European Trade Union Institute on projects related to collective organising and the platform economy.  Previously, she was a union organiser and researcher in Canada and the United States where she worked in the academic, agricultural, and gaming sectors.

Hannah’s doctoral research (Queen’s University, Canada) focused on the New York City taxicab industry where she examined the collective organising strategies used by drivers to improve working conditions, pay, and to strengthen regulation.

Her recent publications include:

  • Johnston, Hannah. 2020. “Labour geographies of the platform economy: Understanding collective organizing strategies in the context of digitally mediated work”. International Labour Review. 159(1):25-45.
  • Berg, J. and Hannah Johnston. 2019. “Too good to be true? A comment on Jonathan Hall and Alan Krueger’s “An analysis of the Labor Market for Uber’s Driver-Partners in the United States” Industrial and Labor Relations Review. 72(1): 39-68.
  • Johnston, Hannah and Chris Land-Kazlauskas. 2018. “Organizing and On Demand: Worker representation, voice, and collective bargaining in the gig economy”. International Labour Organization, Working Paper. INWORK Series. Geneva, Switzerland.

For Fairwork, Hannah provides expertise on working conditions for Cloudwork platforms.