Macarena Bonhomme

Macarena Bonhomme


Macarena Bonhomme is a Co-Investigator for the Fairwork project in Chile. She holds a PhD in Sociology from Goldsmiths, University of London. She was awarded the LASA/Oxfam America Martin Diskin Dissertation Award 2020 for her doctoral thesis, which was about the social exclusion of Latin American and Caribbean migrants in Chile. Among other issues, she explored the limited access to the labour market and the precariousness and exploitation that many migrants face, especially undocumented migrants.

Her research focuses on migration and racism, especially interested in urban and cultural studies, sociology of racism, labour precariousness, urban space, and qualitative research methods. She has participated in academic research projects on migration, transnationalism, and citizenship, and has several publications in journals and books. A full list of her publications can be seen here.

For the Fairwork Project, Macarena is involved in implementing the research strategy in Chile. This includes adapting the Fairwork principles, interviewing workers and platform executives, examining the working conditions and social conflicts that emerge among workers (mainly migrants), users, and platforms, analysing the evidence and developing platforms’ scores, and disseminating the results.