Paolo Marinaro


Principal Investigator

Paolo Marinaro is the Mexico Country Programme Director for the Solidarity Center, AFL-CIO. He is also a labour studies lecturer at the UCLA Institute for Research on Labour and Employment where he teaches courses. His research focuses on alternative strategies of worker organisation in Mexico and the U.S.

His publications include:

  • Paolo Marinaro. (June 2022) “Food Delivery Workers Shaping the Future of Work. #NiUnRepartidorMenos” Center for Global Workers’ Rights, Global Labour University, Pennsylvania State University.
  • Paolo Marinaro and Immanuel Ness. (March 2019) “Introduction: Mexican Labor Movement in Transformation” in The Journal of Labor and Society, 22:5-7
  • I. Ness, I. Z. Cope, and P. Marinaro. (March 2019) (Ed.) Special Issue of The Journal
    of Labor and Society “Mexico: Workers Struggles and Labour Movement Revival” In Boston, Massachusetts and Oxford, UK: Wiley Periodicals.