Richard Boateng

Richard Boateng photo

Principal Investigator

Richard Boateng is the Principal Investigator for the Fairwork Ghana project. He is a Professor in Information Systems at the University of Ghana Business School and a technology researcher. He focuses his research on developing, communicating, protecting, promoting ideas and concepts into sustainable projects of commercial value and development impact. Until 31 July 2020, he served as the Head of the Department of Operations and Management Information Systems at the Business School of the University of Ghana.

He is the associate editor of the Information Technologies & International Development Journal and serves on the editorial board of the Information Development Journal. His research experience covers the digital economy, cloud computing, e-learning, information and communication technologies (ICT) for development, electronic governance, social media, electronic business, gender and technology, mobile commerce, and mobile health at the national, industrial, organizational and community levels. He has several publications in the form of international technical reports, journal articles, books, book chapters and conference paper. He is a global thought-leader in ICT4D and has consulted for a number of international organizations in his research area. His new book project is on Digital Innovations, Business and Society by Springer.

For the Fairwork Ghana project, Richard is the lead on the overall assessment and reporting. His role includes identifying Fairwork thresholds for the Ghana context, engaging platforms executives and other stakeholders, ranking platforms, and disseminating the results.