Sudeep Solanki Bhargava

Sudeep Solanki Bhargava


Sudeep Solanki Bhargava is a research assistant for the Fairwork project, based at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford.

Sudeep holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Pennsylvania and is currently a candidate for the MSc Social Science of the Internet at the OII.

With a background in organizing and armed with a creative ethos, Sudeep’s research spans across a variety of disciplines. He is interested in digital selves, mediated communication both off- and online, and the transformation of the image in the age of data.

As a research assistant for Fairwork, Sudeep aids Fairwork’s communications strategy. He has previously worked in the non-profit field, research centers, at a boutique production company, and for a number of publications.