Get a platform score

Fairwork focuses on companies that use digital platforms to distribute piecemeal work to workers who need access to their app or website to undertake it. We score companies against our five Fairwork principles.

Why Score your Platform with Fairwork?

Consumers want to know if companies they get services from treat their workers fairly. Investors are increasingly aware that ethical consumerism is on the rise and they want to support companies that not only focus on growth, but also sustainability and fairness. Fairwork can support these aims.

Fairwork is a global research institution which tracks and understands the changing working practices in the platform economy across the world. If you decide to score your platform voluntarily with us, we can support you to continually improve your standards of fairness and to communicate this to your potential customers and investors.

Scoring process might be beneficial for:

  • Highlighting your ethical and fair practices
  • Showcasing the concrete steps you are taking for the well-being of your workers
  • Having a deeper understanding and awareness of the local and global contexts in your industry and where your platform stands

What Fairwork Provides

Each application will be appointed a Scoring Lead who will liaise directly with you throughout your application process and scoring process. You will receive direct reporting on how you compare with other platforms in your industry and where possible, in the countries you operate in. You will hear about the best practices in your industry and how you can implement them in your platform.

Your application will be reviewed by a team of experts who will also provide you with a detailed report about your current score, and how to improve it and/or sustain it. We require platforms to score at least 7 out of 10 in our principles for us to be able to issue a kitemark. The final score should include achieving the basic point on all five principles.

Once you receive a score, you will be able to display it on your website, promotional materials and products to demonstrate to your workers, consumers and investors that you strive to meet the highest standards of fairness in the platform economy. When used on websites and apps, the kitemark should link back to your company page on the Fairwork website.

All platforms who meet our minimum score:

  • Appear on our website and list of platforms which we have scored, so that consumers, prospective funding bodies and organisations, workers and the general public can easily see how they ensure Fairwork standards.
  • Can display their Fairwork score on their website, promotional materials and products.
  • Can work with us to showcase their score to promote their commitment to fair work standards in the platform economy.
  • Receive a Fairwork Report about their score and specific suggestions to improve it or showcase their good practices.
  • Are kept up to date through our regular newsletter, country reports and annual report.

For each of the five Fairwork Principles, a basic point and an advanced point can be awarded to platforms based on the degree to which the principle is fulfilled. For more detail on the scoring mechanism see our Fairwork Methodology.

Fairwork will work with your company to establish what sort of evidence can be used to verify each of our ten thresholds of fairness. We will only ever publicly release summary information about points that are awarded and make no comment on points that are not awarded. Non-awarded points can mean that a particular standard has not been adhered to, but could also indicate that insufficient data is available for us to assign a score for that particular principle.

We cross-check all information with publicly available data and reports, a whistleblowing feature on our website, and anonymous interviews with workers. In cases where there are discrepancies, we seek further supporting evidence.