Adam Badger

Adam Badger is a Research Assistant at the Fairwork Foundation. He is also a PhD student at Royal Holloway, University of London in the departments of Geography and Management, where he studies the lived experiences of work in the gig economy.

Adam’s research interests focus on the ways in which new technologies are changing our working lives in the gig-economy. He synthesises theoretical approaches from Cultural Geography and Organisation Studies in order to build understandings of our new digital worlds of work, as understood and experienced by the worker. In so doing, he has engaged in ~9 months of covert auto-ethnographic fieldwork, working as a ‘rider’ for several food-delivery platforms in the UK, in addition to overt ethnographic fieldwork with the trade union responsible for organising their workforce. Adam also looks to build the linguistic tools academics need in order to tackle the messy realities of distributed digital technologies in contemporary society, breaking down the false dichotomy between digital and non-digital that for many simply doesn’t reflect the realities of their day-to-day experience. He co-authored the chapter Ethnographic Methods with Limited Access: Assessing Quality of Work in Hard to Reach Jobs in the Handbook of Research Methods on the Quality of Working Lives.

Adam is based in the UK arm of the Fairwork project, where he has been involved with putting together briefs for project videos, strengthening the project’s reach and presence through social media, developing the project website, fine tuning the justifications and thresholds, and working collaboratively with others to make sure that the project’s methodological approach is ethically sound and fully takes into account the positionality of the workers it engaged with. He has also been engaged in laying the groundwork for expanding the project into Germany and the UK, and working towards a set of principles and thresholds for the cloudwork ratings.

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