Kelle Howson

Kelle Howson is a postdoctoral researcher at the Fairwork Foundation. Kelle’s research background is in international development, globalisation and agriculture, with a specific interest in South Africa. Her recently completed PhD at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, examined ethical certifications in global agro-food networks, and their outcomes for livelihoods, governance, and power relations. Her recent publications include the paper, Doing good by drinking wine? Ethical value networks and upscaling of wine production in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa (2019) and the chapter Certified Utopia in Wine, Terroir and Utopia (Dutton, J. and Howland, P. (eds.), 2019).

She is now looking to apply her knowledge of the potential and pitfalls of models of ethical capitalism at the Fairwork foundation to improve labour standards in the platform economy.

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