Further details

1.1 - Pays at least the local minimum wage

Workers on the platform are paid hourly rates. There is evidence of a documented policy for a minimum hourly wage that is in excess of the minimum wage in South Africa.

1.2 - Pays the local minimum wage, including costs.

Earnings on the platform are above the the local minimum wage after taking into account costs.

2.1 - Mitigates task-specific risks

There is a documented policy that ensures clients on the platform agree to protect the workers health and safety in compliance with South African regulations.

2.2 - Actively improves working conditions

Jobs are actively reviewed by the platform. Clients have to agree to “Fair and Safe Work Guidelines.” Workers can confidentially raise concerns or complaints about health and safety conditions.

3.1 - Clear terms and conditions are available

Terms and conditions are available to workers in a clear and accessible format.

4.1 - Provides due process for decisions affecting workers

There is a process through which workers can communicate with the platform and raise issues. In the event of the contract being terminated, the platform interface is still available for appeal.

4.2 - Evidence of equity and/or informed consent for data collection

There is a documented policy of informed consent for data collection. The collection of data is minimised by the platform.

5.1 - Includes freedom of association and worker voice mechanism

Workers can confidentially raise grievances and request action on a complaint.

Fairwork develops its scores through interviews with platforms and workers, if you have any concerns about individual scores, please contact us.

This information was last updated on 22nd March 2019.