The Uprising of Brazilian Food Delivery Riders

The strikes in Brazil reveal the power of workers’ struggles and the importance of fair work on digital platforms

By Rafael Grohmann, Rodrigo Carelli, Daniel Abs, Julice Salvagni, Kelle Howson, Funda Ustek-Spilda and Mark Graham 

In July,  Brazil experienced two historic strikes by food delivery riders who work for digital platforms. Brazil has the world’s fifth largest population of internet users, and for a day, many of them directed their attention to the grievances of millions of the country’s gig workers. The strikers’ demands included an increase in pay, ending the processes that lead […]

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COVID-19 Policies Leave Gig Workers Out in the Cold

How are platforms responding to the COVID-19 crisis? Who do they protect and how much? 

As new coronavirus cases are rapidly increasing across the world, gig workers are on the front lines of this crisis. They are delivering food and household essentials to those self-isolating or practicing social distancing and are providing much needed care services to those in need. As such, they are among the “key workers” the UK government announced: those “who are maintaining essential public services during the Covid-19 response”.  

To see how platforms have been responding to […]

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