Alberto Riesco

Alberto Riesco

Principal Investigator

Alberto Riesco is a Co-Principal Investigator (alongside Arturo Lahera Sanchez) for Fairwork Spain. He is an associate professor in the sociology of work at the Department of Applied Sociology (Complutense University of Madrid-UCM) and research affiliate at the TRANSOC Institute (UCM). He has been a visiting researcher at the Université Paris Nanterre (France), University of California-Davis (USA) and Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium). Alberto Riesco is co-editor of the Spanish journal Política y Sociedad and member of the editorial board of Cuadernos de Relaciones Laborales and Revue Française de Socio-Economie. He has also previously been a coordinator of the master degree programme in Advanced Studies in Labour and Employment (UCM) and Head of the expert group of the Spanish Ministry of Labour and Social Economy in charge of drafting the “National Strategy for the Promotion of Self-Employment 2021-2027”.  

His research activities focus on the sociology of work and labour relations: ethnic economies, posting of workers, self-employment, bogus cooperatives, etc. His latest research (FRONTREMP project) is focused on technology-based entrepreneurship (scientific-industrial relationships) in Spain. His recent books include:


For the Fairwork project, Alberto coordinates the research in Spain, adjusting Fairwork principles and fieldwork resources for interviewing workers and platform management, assessing platforms’ scores and disseminating the final results.