Join the Pledge: Together for Fair Platform Work!

The gig economy is growing fast, but workers on these platforms often experience low pay, poor conditions, and a lack of job security.

Fairwork works in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North and Latin America to rate gig economy platforms against five principles of decent work shows that fair and unfair working conditions are choices made by platforms rather than inevitable outcomes of platform work.

We are seeking to engage with organisations, whether current users of platform labour, or even potential users, that would like to demonstrate their public commitment to fairer platform work.

  • Organisations like universities, schools, businesses, and charities can make a difference by supporting the best labour practices, guided by our five principles of fair work.
  • Local governments and administrations can support fairer platform work by introducing meaningful regulation that encourages minimum standards for platforms operating in their areas, or which are eligible for public funding.
  • Socially responsible investors or rating agencies can help improve the working conditions of gig workers by making sure that they, or their clients, invest only in those platforms that offer better labour standards.

There may be further ways for you to support our efforts to contribute to a fairer future of platform work, demonstrate this support to the wider public, and create meaningful change that we can explore together!


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