Alejandra S. Y. Dinegro Martínez

Alejandra Dinegro

Principal Investigator

Alejandra is the Principal Investigator of Fairwork Peru and founder of the Observatory of Platforms-Peru where she currently directs research projects on the platform economy.

Alejandra studied Sociology at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM) and graduated with a Master’s in Social Policy with a mention in Social Project Management.

Before joining the Fairwork project, she worked in the Congress of the Republic of Peru, as a specialist in the Decentralisation Secretariat (Presidency of the Council of Ministers) and assumed managerial positions in subnational governments. She likewise served as National Secretary for Youth in the Ministry of Education. She was co-coordinator of the Working Group 17 on Work and Productive Restructuring of the Latin American Association of Sociology (ALAS).

Alejandra’s main areas of research are: youth employability, labour informality, the future of work, and public policies on digital platforms. She is also interested in topics such as citizen participation, ICT and public policies in education.

For the Fairwork project, Alejandra will lead and develop the research strategy in Peru. This includes planning the main stages and activities, designing and writing the report, interviewing platform workers and executives, analysing the evidence and developing the platform scores, and disseminating the results.

Her recent publications include:

You can see the complete list of her publications here.