Bonnita Nyamwire

Bonnita Nyamwire


Bonnita is the Lead researcher for Fairwork Uganda and head of the research department at Pollicy Uganda.  

Bonnita holds a BA (Arts) and Master of Science (MSc) in Health Services Research. Bonnita has experience, spanning over 15 years, in public health and Social & Behavioral Research and Programme/Project Evaluation. She has experience in assessments including program needs assessments, surveys, rapid assessments and other qualitative and quantitative methods, M&E experience in both project performance monitoring plans and conceptual/indicator framework development. She comes from a background of public health where she worked and coordinated projects with agencies and institutions such as Health child Uganda, AFFORD, USAID, FHI 360, CORDAID, Baylor college of Medicines Children’s Foundation, IOM, UNICEF, PSI, ABT Associates, Makerere University School of Public Health among others. 

Refocusing her research career and practice to only social and behavioral research, Bonnita’s current research interests are in the areas of digital rights, safety and security online as well data governance and tech policy analysis and advocacy. She oversees and manages all aspects of research in the department for both qualitative and quantitative research projects. Additionally, she oversees the designing of research studies, survey instruments, gathering and analysis of data as well as reporting on the findings to inform service delivery.  

Bonnita is also a mentor to junior members of the research department as well as partners within her circles and networks.  

For Fairwiork project in Uganda, Bonnita will lead the research design and execution as well as all necessary stakeholder engagements.