Bresena Dema Kopliku

Bresena Dema Kopliku


Bresena is a Researcher and Lecturer at the Department of Geography University of Shkodra, Albania where she is currently the Head of Department. Her research interests relate to migration and its diverse typologies, return migration, transnationalism and diaspora. In 2014, she earned her doctor degree, in Human Geography from the Department of Geography, University of Tirana. Based on her research experience she has also collaborated as external expert of migration issues and local consultant with several international organisations operating in Albania.

For the Fairwork project, Bresena has the main role in collecting data through the qualitative approach, conduct the interviews (in-depth or semi-structured), analyse the collected data and write the main findings. Her main responsibility is for the fieldwork.

Bresena’s publications include The Role of Voluntary Return Migration in Supporting Economic Development in Albania, Re-adjustment in the home country – The effects of return migration and transnationalism, and Return Migration in Shkodra – What’s the next step?