Juan-Carlos Revilla

Juan-Carlos Revilla


Juan-Carlos Revilla is an Investigator for the Fairwork Spain team. He is a professor and researcher at the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain in the arena of social psychology, and head of the department of social anthropology and social psychology.  

He is currently researching platform work, social resilience and the social movements of young people. His main research areas are critical management studies, work, identity and subjectivity; youth studies, collective identity and social violence. 

Selected publications: 

  • Revilla, J.C. y Blázquez, V. (2021). “Uneasy riders: contradictorias lógicas disciplinarias para una posición laboral imposible”. Revista Española de Sociología, 30(2): a35.  
  • Revilla, J.C., Martín, Paz; de Castro, Carlos (2018). “The reconstruction of resilience as a social and collective phenomenon: poverty and coping capacity during the economic crisis”. European Societies, 20 (1): 89-110. 
  • Revilla, J. C. (2017): “Reconstrucciones de la identidad laboral en contextos organizacionales invivibles”. Política y Sociedad, 54 (1): 65-86.

    You can find a full list of his publications here. 

For Fairwork, Juan Carlos is working on care work platforms. This includes participation in the identification of Fairwork thresholds for the Spanish context, interviewing gig workers and platform executives, as well as performing data analysis.