Mabel Rocío Hernández Díaz

Mabel Rocío Hernández Díaz


Mabel Hernandez is a researcher at Fairwork Colombia. Mabel is an Assistant Professor at the Public Health Institute of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Colombia.

Her research area is safety and occupational health. Mabel has conducted research focused on the intersections between health and occupational exposures to improve or maintain the health conditions of workers. She has been working on the preparation and coordination of research and consulting projects in occupational health to propose solutions that improve the conditions under which the work activity is carried out and impacted the health of workers.

Her recent publications include:

  • Sanchez, D. Maldonado, O.J.  and Hernández, M. 2021.Technolegal Expulsions: Platform food delivery workers and Work Regulations in Colombia. In: Journal of Labor and Society.
  • Colmenares, J. Acosta, M., Cardenas, E., Carvajal, C., Guzmán, O., Hernández, M., Hernández, M.G., Lara, R., Cordero, I. (2018).   Prevalencia del Síndrome de Burnout en personal de enfermería de México. Revista cubana de salud y trabajo. 19(2),14-8.
  • Hernández M., Acosta M., Torres T., Aguilera M., Aldrete M., Parra l. (2017). Abordaje cualitativo del autocuidado en salud y seguridad laboral en una universidad colombiana, 2015-2016. Revista Salud Bosque. 7(2),7-18.

For the Fairwork project, Mabel is involved in the data analysis and formulation of intervention actions.