María Arnal

Maria Arnal


Dr. María Arnal is an Investigator for Fairwork Spain. She has a Ph.D in Sociology and is a lecturer at the University Complutense, Madrid (UCM), Spain, Department of Sociology: Methodology and Theory. Currently, she is Vice Dean of Research at the Faculty of Social Work at the UCM. She is a UCM member of Employment, GEnder and regimes of social COhesion (EGECO) and the Research Group on International Migrations (GEMI), and part of Complutense Institute of Sociology for the study of Social Change (TRANSOC). 

Her main areas of research are employment (its quality, precariousness, and the transformation of labour identities and unemployment), new forms of poverty, international migration and interethnic relations. Her research focuses on the study of different processes of social exclusion in globalised societies, mainly using qualitative methodology. These works delve into the transformation of work and employment and their consequences for employment conditions and the lives of workers, new forms of poverty and the migratory phenomenon, especially international migration and interethnic relations.  

She has participated in several national and international projects on these issues. Her publications include:

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