Wirawan Agahari (Aga)

Wirawan Agahari


Aga is an engineer turned researcher with 6+ years of experience in telco industry, government, tech start-up, and research institutions. Aga holds an MSc degree in Engineering and Policy Analysis from Delft University of Technology. He worked for the Centre for Innovation, Policy, and Governance (CIPG) as a Senior Research Associate from 2017-2019.

Currently, he is doing a PhD at Delft University of Technology, focusing on the socio-technical implications of privacy-enhancing technologies in data sharing. Beyond these topics, Aga also has broad interests in the area of digital platforms and data for development. Familiar with both qualitative and quantitative research approaches, he looks forward to understanding how privacy-enhancing technologies are changing the way we create value from data for the greater good.

For Fairwork Indonesia, Aga will act as the study advisor to ensure the quality of the output.

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