10 Key Considerations for Implementing Reuse Systems in the Delivery Sector

Posted on 07.05.2024
10 key considerations for implementing reuse systems in the delivery sector

As some food delivery platforms consider pivoting towards reusable packaging, it’s imperative to prioritise fair and safe working conditions for delivery workers. That’s why Fairwork has teamed up with #BreakFreeFromPlastic to outline 10 essential considerations for this potential shift.

From ensuring workers aren’t burdened with extra responsibilities, to acknowledging the role customers can play, here are 10 recommendations for legislators, companies as well as users to prioritise these fundamental values for the future of reusable packaging systems.

These recommendations are the outcome of discussions between the #BreakFreeFromPlastic team and Fairwork’s Dr. Funda Üstek-Spilda, Dr. Oğuz Alyanak, and Dr. Adam Badger. They are meant to help guide us towards a future where both workers and the environment are treated with fairness and respect.


You can download the infographic or read a complete summary of the brainstorming session via the buttons below.