Fairwork Chile Ratings 2021: Labour Standards in the Platform Economy

This report on Chile presents the second set of Fairwork ratings for the region, following the 2021 report on Ecuador. For this report, seven of the most prominent platforms in Chile—Uber, Uber Eats, Cabify, Rappi, Pedidos Ya, and DiDi—were evaluated against the five global principles of Fairwork.

Overall, our ratings reflect that there is much to be done to ensure fairness in Chile’s emerging platform economy. The results demonstrate the need to gather more, and increase the transparency of, information on this market – its functions, its size, the income generated by its workers, and the labour trajectories of those who are part of it.

Our findings call for urgent regulation that fits the size and relevance of this burgeoning market, and that addresses its particularities. We call on regulators, platforms, workers, and consumers to use this information to rethink the organization and functioning of this market. This is especially relevant in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, where unemployment and the economic needs of millions of workers demands a re-imagining of a fairer gig economy for everyone.

This report is the result of a one-year pilot project in Chile. It establishes a baseline on the current situation of the country’s platform economy that will be updated on a yearly basis. By raising awareness of the conditions of gig workers in Chile and across Latin America, Fairwork aims to assist workers, consumers and regulators in making platforms accountable for their practices.

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