Fairwork Colombia Ratings 2021: The Promise of Social Security Reforms in the Platform Economy

Digital platforms have become essential in recent these years, and during the pandemic lockdowns have sustained the remote working of professionals and office workers. At the same time, thousands of workers, who lost their job during the COVID-19 pandemic, have found in digital platforms a way of making a living during the crisis. 

The Fairwork Colombia report, the first for the country, explores the promise of social security reforms in the gig economy. It analyses eight platforms (Rappi, Ifood, Mensajeros Urbanos, Uber, Didi, Cabify, Beat, Hogarú) in three different sectors: food delivery, ride-hailing (private transportation), and domestic care.

The Fairwork scoring process consists of desk research, interviews with platform managers and interviews with workers. By raising awareness of the conditions of workers in Colombia and across the world, Fairwork aims to assist workers, consumers and regulators in making platforms accountable for their practices, and creating a world of fair platform work.

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