Fairwork Ecuador Ratings 2023: Working Conditions in Unsafe Contexts

Cover Fairwork Ecuador Report 2023

This fourth Fairwork report for Ecuador follows up on the evolution of some of the platforms assessed in previous years, but also to include some new local actors. This year has been marked by a political crisis and an unprecedented wave of violence that worsened the already poor economic conditions that Ecuadorians faced for the past eight years. This report highlights the stagnation of the Ecuadorian economy and the informal labour market, the changes in the direction of migratory flows that have turned Ecuador back into a net-sending country, the setback in the process of regulating the platform economy due to the political crisis, and the new challenges posed by the accelerated increase in violence and insecurity.

This report assesses ten digital labour platforms – four local and six international – against five principles of fairness – fair pay, fair conditions, fair contracts, fair management, and fair representation – giving each a fairness rating out of ten. Three of the local platforms lead the 2023 table with the following score: DigiTaxi five points, AzuTaxi four points and CleonApp three points. The other platforms evaluated have not provided any evidence that allows us to assign any point, and therefore they all score zero points.

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