Fairwork Egypt Ratings 2021: Towards Decent Work in a Highly Informal Economy

Fairwork Report Egypt 2021 cover

This is the first Fairwork report for Egypt. The report covers seven digital labour platforms spanning four different sectors: ride-hailing, courier-delivery, tutoring, and home services.

In a country dominated by informality, digital labour platforms present unique and flexible opportunities for workers to earn an income in Egypt. Nevertheless, there are issues with the gig work model. The Fairwork report for Egypt examines the working conditions in the platform economy, with the aim to help improve conditions, protections and benefits to workers.

The report assesses seven digital labour platforms against five principles of fairness—fair pay, fair conditions, fair contracts, fair management, and fair representation—giving each platform a fairness rating out of ten. FilKhedma leads the 2021 table with five points, while Mrsool and Orcas are tied in second place with four out of ten points. Next comes Swvl,  scoring three points. Talabat, Mongez, and Uber scored one point each.

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