Fairwork Indonesia Ratings 2021: Labour Standards in the Gig Economy

Fairwork Indonesia 2021 cover page

Indonesia’s gig economy—based on workers completing short-term tasks through digital platforms—has been associated with rapid growth and contribution to the national economy. At the same time, gig work is associated with a rise in precarious and unfair working conditions.

This report presents the first set of Fairwork ratings for Indonesia, evaluating six of the most prominent platforms in the country—Gojek, Grab, Maxim, Anteraja, Ninja Xpress, and Paxel—against the five global principles of Fairwork: Fair Pay, Fair Conditions, Fair Contracts, Fair Management, and Fair Representation.

The report highlights other difficulties and challenges experienced by Indonesian gig workers: absence of labour rights (as most of them are not classified as workers within Indonesia’s Manpower Law); gendered challenges for women workers with reproduction of gender inequities from the traditional economy including discrimination and harassment by customers; and the impact of COVID-19 that has led to lack of work and poverty for some workers, and exhausting overload for others.

A more accessible version of the report is also available here.


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