Hellotask ( Bangladesh )

Icon for Fair Pay

Principle 1: Fair Pay


Ensures workers earn at least a local living wage after costs (one additional point)

Icon for Fair Conditions

Principle 2: Fair Conditions


Provides a safety net (one additional point)

Icon for Fair Contracts

Principle 3: Fair Contracts


Provides clear and transparent terms and conditions (one point)


Ensures that no unfair contract terms are imposed (one additional point)

Icon for Fair Management

Principle 4: Fair Management


Provides equity in the management process (one additional point)

Icon for Fair Representation

Principle 5: Fair Representation


Assures freedom of association and the expression of collective worker voice (one point)


Supports democratic governance (one additional point)



The Fairwork Scoring System entails that each Fairwork Principle is divided into two thresholds. Accordingly, for each Principle, the scoring system allows a first point to be awarded corresponding to the first threshold, and an additional second point to be awarded corresponding to the second threshold. The second point under each Principle can only be awarded if the first point for that Principle has been awarded.

An explanation of how we assess platforms against these principles and the information and evidence that we gather and analyse when we make our assessment can be found here.

The above scores should be read in conjunction with these explanatory notes.

Platforms are awarded a point where there is verifiable evidence to demonstrate that the platform has achieved the relevant threshold. A blank score therefore means that there was no verifiable evidence to award a point.

A platform can therefore receive a maximum Fairwork Score of ten points.

Fairwork scores are updated on a yearly basis.

An explanation of the conditions that need to be met for a threshold to be achieved can be found here.


Hellotask workers were found to receive on average 63 tk per hour in the worker interviews. Piece rates. No explaination of how much pay the platform takes.

Mobile wallet for payment. Customer provides cleaning or other materials for the task. Main costs are for transport.
Hellotask provided a breakdown evidence of how income is calculated. There is a base rate and bonus system that ensures workers get minimum wage if they work over a threshold hours.


Workers reported threats to their safety and security while visiting customer homes to be their biggest risk. Hellotask ensures this is mitigated by ensuring the workers do not visit single bachelor flats. Moreover, they have a call center and panic button that they can access if they feel like their is a threat to their security.


Most workers report a good experience in communicating with the platform and have not faced disciplinary issues. Those who used the communication channel got the support that they needed. Those who did not use the channel think they get help when needed. Platform would need to prove evidence that show workers can have meaningful appeal process when workers were deactivated. Further platform would need to provide that the process ensures workers voices/representations were adequately acknowledged.