About Fairwork

There are now tens of millions of digital platform workers that live all over the world, doing work that is outsourced via platforms or apps.

Platform work provides essential income and opportunities to many. However, lacking protection from employment law or collective bodies, many platform workers face low pay, precarity, and poor and dangerous working conditions.

Fairwork is committed to highlighting best and worst practices in the platform economy. At workshops in Geneva, we have brought together platforms, workers, trade unions, regulators, and academics to set global principles of fair work in the platform economy. Those principles have been revised in a series of tripartite workshops in South Africa, India, and Germany. Using those principles, we give every platform a ‘fairness’ score.

Fairwork, at its essence, is a way of imagining a different, and fairer, platform economy than the one we have today. By evaluating platforms against measures of fairness, we hope to not just show what the platform economy is, but also what it can be.

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Fairwork's Aims


To use transparent principles to score fair working practices across the platform economy. Platforms can also request to be scored by us.

Ethical Choices

To reduce the information asymmetry between workers, firms and consumers – so that end-users have the ability to make informed, ethical choices about the digital services they buy.

Working Conditions

To improve the working conditions of people employed in the digital platform economy, and encourage firms to monitor and improve job quality on their platforms.

Fairwork Reports