Scores (out of 10)


Fair pay:

1.1: 99 made a public statement assuring that no worker earns less than minimum wage after costs, and that they are continually reviewing workers’ earnings to guarantee that all workers will continue to earn above the minimum wage during their active working hours and after subtracting work-related costs.

Fair conditions:

2.1: 99 has updated its policies regarding worker safety on its website, making information about all safety resources such as safety cameras and emergency buttons, easily accessible to drivers and customers. The platform has also made information about the accident insurance it offers for drivers available on their website. In addition, 99 communicated these resources to all drivers through the app.

2.1: iFood aims to further expand its support and rest point initiative to major cities in Brazil still in 2022.

Fair contracts:

3.1: iFood created accessible and illustrated terms and conditions. The platform also reviewed the content of its terms and conditions to clarify that all changes are subject to a 30-day notice to workers.

Fair management:

4.1: 99, this year, will implement a new policy on deactivation aiming to enhance transparency for workers.

Fair representation:

5.1: iFood created a “Riders’ Forum” to initiate collective dialogue with delivery worker organisers and activists.


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