Ana Negro

Ana Negro


Dr. Ana Negro is an Investigator for Fairwork Spain. 

She has a PhD in Sociology from the University of Salamanca and is currently a professor at the School of Commerce, at the University of Valladolid. Her expertise as a researcher is focused in the field of the sociology of work, specifically on the topic of job quality from different dimensions, like intrinsic quality, job satisfaction, work quality and productive organisation. Her new research challenges are focused on the changes that robotisation and digitalisation imply for working conditions and their quality. She is also working as a researcher in projects in Spain such as: The impact of digitalization in industrial relations: challenges and opportunities (FUWORKTECH) or Robotization of work and transformations in viticulture (ROVIN). 

Recent publications: 

  • Merino, M.C; Somarriba-Arechavala, N.; Negro-Macho, A. (2012),  A Dynamic Analysis of the Quality of Work in Spain. The Effects of the Economic Crisis. Rev. Studies of Applied Economics 30 (1),
  • Negro Macho, A., Tovar Martínez, F.J (2021), Evidences and uncertainties of the Industry 4.0 in Spain: a story in construction.  Rev. Panorama Social, 34. 
  • Arturo Lahera-Sánchez; Francisco J. Tovar Martínez; Ana Negro Macho. 2021. Sociological aspects of teleworking: Digital Work Quality and Work Hazards. In Pérez de los Cobos and Orihuel, F., Thibualt Aranda, J. (Coords): El trabajo a distancia. Wolters Kluwer.See here for a full list of publications

For the Fairwork project she evaluates the working and employment conditions of digital platforms in Spain.