Branka Anđelković

Branka Andjelkovic

Principal Investigator

Branka Anđelković is the Principal Investigator for the Fairwork project in Serbia. She is also Co-founder and Programme Director of the Public Policy Research Center, Belgrade based think tank.

Her research interests focus on labour markets and non-standard forms of employment in the context of the knowledge-based economy and digital transformation.  Branka is the lead author and editor of several pioneering studies about the platform economy and platform-mediated work in Serbia, including GigmeterTM, which presents data about remote workers on global online platforms from Serbia and other Southeast European countries in terms of gender, income and occupations.

Her recent publications, relevant for the field, include:

  • Andjelkovic, B., Jakobi, T., Kovac, M., & Golusin, S. (2020). A Hell of a Ride: The Prospects of Decent Work on Digital Delivery and Ride-hailing Platforms in Serbia. Belgrade: Public Policy Research Center.
  • Andjelkovic, B., Jakobi, T., & Kovac, M. (2021). Decent or not? The socio-economic position and status of digital workers on global platforms from Serbia. In: Changing skis for a changing world: Understanding skills demand in EU neighbouring countries. Turin: European Training Foundation.
  • Andjelkovic, B., Sapic, J., & Skocajic, M. (2018). Gig Economy in Serbia: Who are Digital Workers in Serbia and Why do They Work on Global Platforms. Belgrade: Public Policy Research Center.