Daniel Arubayi

Daniel Arubayi photo


Daniel Arubayi is a Researcher at the Fairwork Project. He is currently a final year doctoral student at the University of Manchester.

Daniel holds an MSc degree in Environment and Sustainable Development from University College London (UCL). He has previously contributed to and is part of the International Network for Transport and Accessibility in Low-Income Communities (INTALInC) which examines the mobility needs of vulnerable, urban populations in the Global South. His current research focuses on the impact of ride-hailing platforms on drivers and their everyday forms of resistance against algorithmic management in Lagos, Nigeria. Daniel’s overarching research interests include, but not limited to, sustainable development, platform urbanisms, algorithmic management, surveillance and worker resistances.

At Fairwork, Daniel is currently involved with the Fairwork UK, Fairwork Cloudwork and Fairwork Ghana teams. He also contributes to other administrative tasks, research outputs and Fairwork communication strategies.