Daviti Omsarashvili

Daviti Omsarashvili


Davit Omsarashvili has been a Member of the Georgian Bar Association since 2016. From 2019 to 2021 he was a Member of the Labor Committee of the Georgian Bar Association. He is a Doctoral student at Caucasus University, and a Board member.

Davit is also chief lawyer for the Trade union Solidarity Network – Workers center; a board member, and Chief Lawyer for the New Confederation of Independent Trade Unions. 

His current research interests include the protection of employees’ rights in public service, platform workers rights, and the legislative regulation of remote work.

His recent publications include:

  • Davit Omsarashvili, George G. Tumanishvili – Psycho-Social and Legal Aspects of Internships – Practices and Challenges in Modern Georgia. Justice and Law # 4 (52) ’16; 2016;
  • Davit Omsarashvili, George G. Tumanishvili – The essence and significance of the right to strike; GESJ: Jurisprudence 2021 | No.1 (10); 2021;
  • Davit Omsarashvili, George G. Tumanishvili – The issue of reinstatement after the employment of a third person. Judicial Analysis, First Edition, Caucasus University, School of Law, 2021;