Federico Rosenbaum Carli

Federico Rosenbaum Carli

Principal Investigator

Federico is an Assistant Professor (PiAD) at the Department of Law, and director of studies  of Undergraduate degrees in Law and Notary, at Universidad Católica del Uruguay (UCU)

He is a lawyer, professor, and researcher in the area of ​​Labour Law and Social Security. He has a Master’s Degree in Labour Law and Labour Relations from the  Universidad de Salamanca, Spain, where he obtained recognition for the best academic record, achieving the “Extraordinary Master’s Award”.

Federico also completed a PhD in Law programme with the highest qualification of outstanding cum laude, researching legal qualification problems in the gig economy (Universidad de Salamanca, Spain).

Frederico is the Principal investigator of Fairwork Uruguay for which he develops and leads the research strategy. This includes interviewing workers and platform executives, data analysis, developing platform scores, report writing and dissemination.

His publications include:

A full list of his publications can be found here.