Henry Chávez


Henry Chávez is a researcher and professor at FLACSO and the Catholic University of Ecuador. He holds a PhD from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris, France. His background is on Economics, Political and Social Sciences with a focus on social studies of science, technology and innovation, global studies, anthropology of world systems, international relations and economic cycles, international analysis of public policies, migration processes, international circulation of elites and knowledge, collaborative economy, circular economy, responsible production and consumption, and new information and communication technologies.

Henry has extensive experience as a consultant for the private and public sector, as well as for local organizations, NGOs and international organizations. He is interested in social and economic research, consulting, technological innovation and university teaching in multicultural and multidisciplinary environments.

For the Fairowork project, Henry is a co-investigator of the Ecuador team. This includes interviewing gig workers, platforms executives, and other stakeholders; ranking platforms; and disseminating the results.