Manuela Bojadzijev



Manuela Bojadzijev is a professor at the Institute for European Ethnology and the Berlin Institute for Migration Research (BIM) at Humboldt University Berlin.

Manuela is researching globalized and digitised cultures. She is interested in contemporary transfomations of mobility and migration as well as of racism, in interplay with the current radical changes of work and life under conditions of digital technologies and logistification. Addressing these topics, she currently oversees five research projects (funded by the European research programmes H2020 and HERA, the Berlin University Alliance, as well as the Volkswagen Foundation and the German Research Foundation). Additionally she curates, together with the author Carolin Emcke, at Berlin’s House of World Cultures an online-archive on the history and presence of forced migration to Germany (funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation and the Berlin House of World Cultures).

For Fairwork, Manuela is a co-investigator at the Fairwork Germany team.