María Pía Garavaglia

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Principal Investigator

María Pía Garavaglia is the Principal Investigator for Fairwork Argentina and a Project Coordinator at CIPPEC’s Cities Programme, emphasizing on managing the research on platform economy.

Pía has a BSc in Economics from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and an MSc in Economics from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). She was a guest researcher at IHEAL-Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, France. Before joining CIPPEC, she worked in public policy analysis at the Ministry of Economy (Buenos Aires City Government) and at the Public Administration Research Centre (Universidad de Buenos Aires). Her research work is focused on the analysis of public policy on digital platforms.

For Fairwork Argentina, Pía is responsible for planning the main stages and activities, design and redaction of the report and academic articles, supervising the implementation of the fieldwork, performing interviews with the platform managers, and the dissemination of the report and main results.