Olayinka David-West


Principal Investigator

Olayinka is an Associate Dean and Professor at Lagos Business School. She holds degrees in Computer Science (BSc.), Business Systems Analysis and Design (MSc.) and a Doctorate in Business Administration.  
As a member of the global emerging platform economy project focussing on African Platforms, Olayinka has been conducting platform research since 2015; starting with the first regional survey paper (The Rise of the African Platforms). She also co-developed and led a micro-course (DIGITAL AFRICA: Platform Management, Strategy & Innovation). She participated in a 2019 collaboration with CENFRI to size Nigeria’s digital platform economy and worked with Caribou Digital and MasterCard Foundation in 2021 to understand how platform work empowers young women as well as with the International Labor Organization (ILO) to understand platform dynamics towards engendering digital labour platforms.

Twitter: @ydwest