Sami Atallah


Principal Investigator

Sami Atallah is Founding Director at The Policy Initiative and Principal Investigator of Fairwork Lebanon. He is trained in economics and political science, and was the director of the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies from January 2011 to December 2020. He led several policy studies on political and social sectarianism, the performance of parliament, government monitoring, electoral behavior, the role of municipalities in dealing with the Syrian refugee crisis, municipal finance, economic diversification and industrial policy, and oil and gas governance. He has several policy and academic publications.


  • Harb, M. and Atallah, S., “How Decentralization Efforts Have Recentralized Authority in the Arab Region”, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming.
  • Cammett, M., Kruszewska-Eduardo, D., Parreira, C., and Atallah, S., “Commitment to the “National” in Post-Conflict Countries: Public and Private Security Provision in Lebanon”, Journal of Conflict Resolution, 2022.
  • Cammett, M., Kruszewska, D., and Atallah, S., “Coethnicity and Clientelism in Divided Societies: Insights from an Experimental Study of Political Behavior in Lebanon” (in progress).
  • El Kak, N, and S. Atallah, 2022, “Lebanon’s Political Alternatives: Mapping the Opposition”, The Policy Initiative.
  • Atallah, S. (with Mounir Mahmalat and Wassim Maktabi), 2021, “Public infrastructure procurement in post-conflict power-sharing arrangements: Evidence from Lebanon’s Council for Development and Reconstruction”, January, International Growth Center.