Zoë Johnson

Zoe Johnson headshot


Zoë Johnson is the Communications Manager for the Fairwork project, based at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center. Zoë is interested in the gender politics of work and and passionate about storytelling for social justice.

Before joining Fairwork, Zoë worked in research, publishing, communications, and consulting. In addition to her role with Fairwork, she runs a magazine called Feminist Food Journal and is working toward a Master’s in Illustration for Editorial and Advertising at the Barcelona School of Arts and Design (LABASAD).

Zoë already holds an MPhil in Development Studies from the University of Oxford, where her research used feminist methodology to critically explore how processes of social, economic, and political change in Ethiopia are shaping young women’s perceptions of their own opportunities. Specifically, she looked at gendered experiences of employment (unemployment, entrepreneurship/self-employment), female labour migration, and workplace sexual harassment. She also holds a BSc in Global Resource Systems from the University of British Columbia, where she studied food systems, with a regional focus on South Asia.