Fairwork celebrates 300 pro-worker changes to platform policies and practices

Posted on 09.04.2024
Fairwork celebrates 300 pro-worker changes to platform policies and practices

Comeup, a cloudwork (online remote work) platform focused on freelance content-creation-related jobs, recently added a new clause to their Terms of Service that recognises workers’ freedom of association and the importance of collective bargaining. The company’s new clause states that “ComeUp supports all efforts by Sellers to collectively organize or form a trade union” and that “Collective bargaining through trade unions can often bring about more favourable working conditions. This marks the 300th pro-worker change to platform policies and practices by a company engaged with Fairwork!

Engaging with platforms to incentivize pro-worker changes to policies and practices is an important pillar of Fairwork’s efforts to ensure all workers have decent rights and protections. Our Cloudwork team has been working with ComeUp’s management, encouraging the implementation of changes aligned with the Fairwork Cloudwork Principles and its standards.

In Fairwork’s latest scoring of Cloudwork platforms (2023), Comeup was awarded the highest rating (5/10) achieved by any of the 15 web-based digital labour researched (along with two other platforms: UK-based Prolific and Nigeria-based Terawork). It was also featured in that report because of the several changes it implemented between the 2022 and 2023 rating cycles, following conversations with the Fairwork research team.

To learn more about Fairwork’s impact, and the 299 other pro-worker changes to companies’ policies and practices secured across all five Fairwork Principles, visit our Impact page.