McDonald’s Germany signs the Fairwork Pledge

Posted on 26.06.2024

We are thrilled to announce that McDonald’s Germany has joined the Fairwork pledge in support of a fairer future of work! With more than 1,400 restaurants across Germany serving meals to more than 2.5 million customers per day – many of them delivered by gig workers from all the major platforms – we hope that this commitment from McDonald’s will catalyze meaningful change for workers in Germany’s digital economy.

Dare we say, we’re lovin’ it?

What does it mean?

As an official Fairwork Partner, McDonald’s Germany is publicly endorsing the Fairwork principles for the platforms that it works with. Going forward, the company will use Fairwork resources – including future Fairwork Germany ratings – to monitor and evaluate their delivery partners. We hope this commitment from McDonald’s Germany will encourage platform companies across the country to make changes that guarantee their workers fair pay, fair conditions, fair contracts, fair management, and fair representation.

And we hope that other big fast-food chains will follow suit! New supply chain laws in Germany and at the EU level, require large companies to take responsibility for safeguarding human rights at all stages of their value chains. Given the important role gig workers play in the everyday operations of large companies across Europe, their rights, including the right to fair wages and conditions, are protected by these laws. The Fairwork principles and pledge can therefore play a pivotal role in supporting and encouraging large companies to do their due diligence, making evidence-based decisions around their partnerships with platforms.

What can you do?

You too can sign the Fairwork pledge! Via the pledge, both organisations and individuals can commit to using fairer platforms, guided by our Fairwork principles and ratings. Join the movement for better working conditions.