Shining a light on working conditions in the digital age, one rating at a time.

Through research on the platform economy and artificial intelligence, Fairwork strives to ensure all workers have decent rights and protections.

Fairwork evaluates companies in the digital economy based on five principles of fair work. The three sets of Fairwork Principles were developed through a collaborative process that reflects the insights of our international network and the voices of workers around the world. They provide a benchmark of fair work, for companies, workers, customers and policymakers. 

Fairwork Principles

Icon for Fair Pay

Fair Pay

Workers, irrespective of their employment classification, should earn a decent income. They should be paid on time, and for all work completed.
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Fair Conditions

Workers should be protected from risks arising from the processes of work. Platforms should take proactive measures to protect and promote the health and safety of workers.
Icon for Fair Contracts

Fair Contracts

Terms and conditions should be transparent, concise, and always accessible to workers. Contracts should be consistent with the terms of workers’ engagement on the platform.
Icon for Fair Management

Fair Management

There should be a documented due process for decisions affecting workers. Management processes should be transparent and result in equitable outcomes for workers.
Icon for Fair Representations

Fair Representation

Platforms should provide a documented process through which worker voice can be expressed. Workers have the right to organise in collective bodies, and platforms should be prepared to cooperate and negotiate with them.