Policy brief: Labor reform in Colombia for digital platforms: a move towards fair work?

Fairwork Colombia policy brief April 2023 cover page

The Fairwork Colombia team has made an analysis of the key points of the Labor Reform proposed by the Ministry of Labor regarding work on digital labour platforms.

The labor reform entitled “Work for Change” (Trabajo por el Cambio) seeks, among other things, to update the Substantive Labor Code with a focus on justice in labour relations, within a spirit of economic coordination and social balance, and in the framework established by article 53 of the National Constitution of Colombia of 1991. Fairwork Colombia finds in this proposal an advance in labour inclusion in Colombia, a clear interest in improving the working conditions of millions of workers in the country, as well as a recognition from the national legislation of previous agreements and approaches signed by the state before the ILO (International Labor Organization), especially with regard to the concept of decent work.

This policy brief contributes to deepening the discussion on the complex and contemporary phenomenon of digital platform work in Colombia.

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