Fairwork Brazil Ratings 2021: Towards Decent Work in the Platform Economy

Fairwork Brazil Ratings 2021: Towards Decent Work in the Platform Economy

The first Fairwork Brazil report analyses how the main labour platforms in the country relate to fair work principles. Platforms can choose to reduce inequalities and unemployment. However, the annual Fairwork Brazil scoring provides evidence that platform workers, as in many countries around the world, face unfair working conditions, and suffer without protections.

Fairwork scored six of Brazil’s largest digital labour platforms against five fair work principles – fair pay, fair conditions, fair contracts, fair management and fair representation – giving each platform a score from 0 to 10. Overall, all of the six platforms failed to secure basic labour standards for their workers. The highest score achieved was a score of 2 by the delivery platforms iFood and 99, while Uber scored only one point. The food delivery platforms Rappi, GetNinjas, and UberEats in turn did not score any points. We kept Uber Eats in the report, as the research was conducted throughout 2021, before the platform announced its departure from the country.

The result is similar to other Latin American countries – such as Chile and Ecuador – which have already released a Fairwork report. Unlike other continents such as Africa, Asia and Europe, there are no high-scoring platforms in Latin America. In Brazil, some platforms are making changes to their practices based on their engagement with Fairwork.

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