Fairwork Chile Ratings 2022: Labour Standards in the Platform Economy

Fairwork Chile report 2022 cover page

In this second Fairwork report for Chile, we evaluate working conditions in the Chilean platform economy against the five Fairwork principles: Fair Pay, Fair Conditions, Fair Contracts, Fair Management, and Fair Representation. These principles guide Fairwork’s research in more than 30 countries. For this year’s Chile ratings, we expanded our study sample from seven to 10 platforms, including the most popular ride-hailing (Cabify, Didi, Uber and Beat) and delivery platforms (Bicci, Cornershop, Justo, Pedidos Ya, Rappi and Uber Eats) operating in our country.

Compared to 2021, the context for this second report has changed. While we have continued to observe the effects of the pandemic on the labour market, an economic recession with high inflation began in 2022, accompanied by the uncertainty associated with drafting and voting for a new constitution for the Republic of Chile. The most relevant novelty, however, is the entry into force of Law No. 21.431, which regulates platform work in Chile as of September 1, 2022. The law has substantially changed the parameters for evaluating working conditions in the Chilean platform economy by introducing minimum standards in matters such as working hours, remuneration and access to social security.

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