Fairwork Colombia Ratings 2023: The Mobilities of Gig Work in Colombia

Cover Fairwork Colombia report 2023

This third Fairwork Colombia report presents a comprehensive analysis of working conditions in digital labour platforms in a contested political context. First, the Colombian government presented a comprehensive reform on the political, health and labour regulation in 2023. Labour debates were at the centre of the agenda, following two consecutive attempts by the Ministry of Labour (in March and August 2023) to present a Labour Reform before congress.

For the 2023 rankings we present in this report, 116 in-depth interviews were conducted to platform workers working for 12 platforms in Colombia, in four different economic sectors: 1 Domestic work (Hogarú, AseoYa, Aux ); 2) Delivery (Rappi, Didi Food, Mensajeros Urbanos, Picap); 3) Beauty care (TuAly); and 4) Ride-hailing (Uber, Cabify, InDrive and Didi).

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