Fairwork Germany Ratings 2021/22: Labour Standards in the Platform Economy

Fairwork_Report_Germany 2021_EN cover page

Estimates indicate that almost six percent of the workforce in Germany earn at least a quarter of their income through platform work.The increasing number of workers joining the platform economy has gone hand in hand with new platforms entering the market, especially in the food and grocery delivery sector.

It is in this context that we have produced our second year of Fairwork scoring of platforms in Germany based on the Fairwork principles.

Similarly to last year, our scores highlight a wide variety of labour standards in the German platform economy, showing that working conditions, far from being homogeneous, differ significantly from platform to platform, and in some instances, from workplace to workplace. We also show that the increased competition among platforms, with the entrance of companies, has not necessarily translated into increased competition in improving labour standards. While some platforms have implemented policies to offer their workers better rights, overall, there are many additional steps waiting to be taken.

A more accessible version of the report is available here.

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